My CC Designs

Descriptions of Web/Blog Graphics

NAVIGATION BAR W/SIMPLE TEXT LINKS: Adds a color coordinated navigation bar under your header using simple text links. {example}

NAVIGATION BAR W/CUSTOM BUTTONS: Adds a navigation menu under your header using graphically created coordinating buttons. {example}
 BLOGGER NAVIGATION BAR W/DROP-DOWN MENU: Adds a color coordinated navigation menu under your header with drop-down categories. {example}

SINGLE POP-OUT TAB: Provides additional information and navigation without adding clutter to your site. {example}

SOCIAL MEDIA BUTTONS: Adds coordinating social media buttons that link to your readers to your social networks. {example}

FACEBOOK TIMELINE COVER IMAGE: Adds a custom designed cover image to your Facebook Timeline. {example}

YOU TUBE CHANNEL HEADER: Adds a custom designed header to your YouTube channel. {example}

FAVICON: Places a custom icon next to your url in the address bar and window tab. {example}

POST SIGNATURE: Adds a custom signature to the bottom of each post. {example}

POST DIVIDER: Adds an embellished divider between each post. {example}

LINK BUTTON W/GRAB BOX: Adds a custom button allowing others to put on their page to link back to your site. {example}

SIDEBAR TITLES: Adds a custom image or simple text design to the sidebar area. {examples}

WATERMARK: A custom watermark image to add to pictures you post or share. (see this tutorial for instructions). {example}

POST-INSTALL SUPPORT PACKAGE: Provides you with up to one hour of post install assistance from me (training, tweaks, etc).

UPGRADED LAYOUT: Adds a 3-column layout to your blog.

TITLE TEXT CHANGE IN HEADER: Changes the title text in your existing header to something else.

TAGLINE TEXT CHANGE IN HEADER: Changes the tag-line text in your existing header to something else.

PICTURE CHANGE IN HEADER: Replaces an existing picture in your header with a new one.

SIDEBAR EMBELLISHMENT CHANGE: Changes the text/design of a sidebar quote, poem, picture or title.

CUSTOM NAVIGATION BUTTON TEXT CHANGE: Changes the text of one of your existing navigation buttons to something else.

HEADER FONT CHANGE: Changes the existing header font to a font of your choice.

WIDEN CURRENT BLOG LAYOUT: Widens the post area and/or sidebar area widths of your blog.

BLOG BACKGROUND CHANGE: Changes your existing background to something else.

ADDITION OR REMOVAL OF CUSTOM NAVIGATION BUTTONS: Adds a new custom navigation button to your navigation bar or removes an existing button. Will requires a complete redo/resize of the navigation bar.

DESIGN COLOR CHANGE:  Changes the colors of your design to custom colors of your choice.